Mantras For Cancer

How to Heal Cancer ?How to Avoid Getting Cancer ?

How Cancer gets activated inside our body? How to win over it? - Everybody has cancer cells. They thrive in the absence of oxygen.

Two mantras can help here to restore the situation: 

  • Om Yum Namaha
  • Om Rum Namaha

The benefits of chanting these two mantras are: your stress levels reduced. When you are stressed out, then the cells are not in the receiving mode of oxygen, as they close themselves. If they are closed for 36 hrs, they turn cancerous.
Our life style demands us to be in AC filled rooms, where there is less oxygen.
Also reheating the food, drains out oxygen and in turn resulting in less prana – which is the energy required by us.
When our oxygen level is increased, our stress level is reduced. Our life style changes will happen automatically, all because of chanting the mantras.

How do they work?

  • Yum – will expel carbon dioxide
  • Rum – will make more oxygen available at the cellular level

What about Cancer Patients?

Chant the relationship mantras in the reverse order.

How do they work?

  • Om Lum Namaha reduces solidity of cancerous cells
  • Om Vum Namaha makes the cells into liquid and making it ready for evaporation.
  • Om Rum Namaha increases the fire element that burns away the liquid cancerous cells.
  • Om Yum Namaha will eliminate carbon dioxide and the waste cells.
  • When we increase space, they will have to go. Om Hum Namaha will increase the space, the cancerous cells will go out (don’t worry whether others will be affected, for they are inert and therefore they will not affect others)
    Lalitham group of mantras can also help as they have all the Bija mantras inside them. But chant them in the order specified above: Lalitham Sridharam, Lalitham Baskaram and Lalitham Sudarshnam.