Case histories - Right Shoulders

Suppressed Anger and Severe Right shoulder pain.

The message of the body: Release all your desire an d behavior to control.

Right shoulder:anger,

Right side:giving

Meera is student of Mr.Naran and a Reiki Master. She is almost the local guardian for Deepa, a young girl working in Chennai and staying in a hostel since her parents live in another town. Meer and Deepa have shared a close relationship and Deepa has stayed in Meera’s house on countless occasions. Nothing happened in Deepa’s life without Meera’s knowledge and Deepa came to her for advice on all matters big or small.

Deepa’s parents were seriously searching for a suitable groom for her and one day Deepa threw a bombshell to Meera,by declaring that she wasmarrying Dinesh,her office colleague in another 15 days’ time without informing her parents. Meera was angry and hurt. The girl who had consulted for even silly trifles, had kept secret an important matter concerning her life. Moreover from Deepa’s revelations it also became clear that Dinesh was totally unsuitable in all ways and Deepa’s parents would have been heart broken if came to learn of this marriage.

Meera alternatively cajoled and rebuked Deepa and tried to dissuade her from pursuing this alliance. She asked her to consider her parents and the pain she would be causing them if she continued with her plan to marry Dinesh. Nothing  seemed to make a difference, finally Meera persuaded Deepa to discuss the whole affairs with Mr.Naran and go by his advice in this regard. Deepa had no problem with that, because she had known Mr.Naran even before her association with Meera and had consulted him on other matters in the past.

After listening to the whole story, Mr.Naran in clairvoyant wisdom realized that Dinesh family was caught in some negative karma and Deepa entering that family would make her also enmeshed in the karma trap. He convinced her that only unhappiness would ensue from the alliance. Deepa decided to take his counsel and promised to abandon any plan of marrying Dinesh. Meera was very much relieved. Naran suggested Deepa to gradually cut off ties with Dinesh.

Since her parents were unaware of all that had transpired, there was no need to disturb their peace of mind by revealing the details. Deepa acquiesced without a protest but from then on, the openness in their relationship started missing. Although on the surface, Deepa seemed as friendly as before, Meera sensed that there was a lot that Deepa was hiding from her since then. One day in the midst of conservation Deepa let slip the fact that she was still associating with Dinesh on a daily basis. Meera was furious. How could this girl whom she had treated almost like a daughter behave with such scant respect for her? In fact defying her very words? She appraised Mr.Naran of the facts and his advice to her was to let things be. She had done her best and now she must allow destiny unfold. Meera decided to do so as advised.

A few days later, Meera woke up in the middle of the night with severe pain in her right shoulder. It was a pulling pain that kept her awake all night. In the morning things had not improved. In fact Meera found that she could not use her right arm even for routine activities. In great pain she completed her morning task and not being one who shirks her responsibilities and decided to go to her work place. From there she called Mr.Naran for help and was advised to take Rescue Remedy. All morning she took rescue remedy faithfully but to no avail. The pain continued relentlessly.

Just when she was sitting, mulling over her plight she got a call from a friend Sneha who is incidentally a student of Mr.Naran and Reiki channel. When Sneha  learnt of Meera’s pain her first question was “what mental cause did Mr.Naran assigned for your pain”. Meera was surprised. As Reiki Master and Bach Flower healer she had used the Mind – Body connection while dealing with ailments and had advised too many of her own patients to address mental level issues to relieve physical pain. Yet in her own case, she had failed to draw the connection and so had Mr.Naran. Mr.Naran often used to say that healers are at times blind to their own problems although they are very adept at healing others.

 Meera immediately took off to see Mr.Naran to get enlightened on this matter. He then told her that it was suppressed anger that was behind the severe painof the right shoulder. Meera immediately said that the anger was against Deepa and her deceptive ways. Although Mr.Naran had advised Meera to let go, she had continued to advise Deepa to control or change her. This was why the pain was “pulling”. The body was suggesting  Meerathrough pain topull away from Deepa.

The nature of the pain itself gives a clue about the cause of the pain. Mr.Naran asked her to repeat the following affirmation till the pain was released.

“I release my desire to control or change anybody including Deepa. I willingly release Deepa to her destiny.” As soon as Meera heard Mr.Naran’s words she realized how correctly he had assessed the matter.tThe very moment she acknowledged the mental cause of the pain, healing began and the pain started reducing. Right in front of Mr.Naran she started stating the affirmation repeatedly. Within about 15 minutes the pain vanished completely.

Tears of gratitude flew down Meera’s face as she thanked Mr.Naran profusely.   


A woman found her right shoulder getting immobilized all of a sudden. She could not move her right arm as a result and was in terrible pain. When medications did not bring relief, her doctor advised an operation which the woman undertook. The pain however stayed on. She went for some pranic healing sessions with little result. Someone then suggested she consult Mr.Naran. His first question to her was whether she was suppressing anger about something. Although the woman affirmed this, she was unwilling to disclose details. When Mr.Naran suggested her to do the forgiving exercise, the woman flared up and bluntly refused to do so. When Mr.Naran asked her gently why the idea was so upsetting, the woman blurted out her story to convince Mr.Naran about the legitimacy of her anger and thus prove why she was adamantly refusing to forgive.

The woman it seems was spiritually inclined and very much into Vedanta and related matters. She read religious books and regularly attended religious discourses by various scholars. She was an ardent devotee of renowned swami and used to render all possible assistance whenever the swami and his entourage visited Chennai. She would often throw open her house to the visiting seer and his disciples and feed them all. She used to treat the young acolytes like her own sons. The problem began when during one such sojourn in her house, one of the young acolytes misbehaved with the woman’s daughter. They came to know of this only after the visiting party had left. The woman was furious. During the swami’s next public meeting the woman confronted the swami in front of other visitors threatening to go to public if he did not take action against the offending acolyte. The swami tried to warn the woman about raising a public hue and cry but the woman refused to pipe down. There was an ugly exchange of words after which the woman left the place in anger. The pain in her right shoulder began to manifest at this point.

On hearing the entire story, Mr.Naran asked the woman if she had spoken to the concerned acolyte and questioned him regarding the incident. When she informed him that she had not done so, Mr.Naran pointed out that this was where she had erred. Considering the fact that all these years she had been treating the acolytes like her own sons, the appropriate step would have been to directly deal with the concerned acolyte to find out why the said incident had taken place. Instead, the woman had raged publicly at the swami who was a reputed figure and was more over totally ignorant to the whole incident. As a student of Vedanta, she should have acted from a higher mind instead of letting her anger rule her, as less mentally evolved persons would have done. The body’s message was simple. our logic or our rules(rights and wrongs) will not matter to the body. “Release all your anger rage against the person  involved. Act with Mother’s compassion. Correct the person through persuation and forget and forgive.”

Through the medium of pain the body points out areas of corrections in our behaviors and thought patterns. The woman slowly realized the essence of body’s message and agreed to undertake the forgiving exercise. From the very moment she made her resolv,e the pain in her shoulder began to subside gradually. Though she is not totally free from physical pain, she is free from the inner turmoil.