Advantages of Bach remedies


  • Can be used in conjunction with any other forms of treatment.
  • No expiry dates or addiction
  • No side effects; without any complications.
  • In doubtful cases when the selection is difficult, Bach flower remedies can bring out the symptoms and clear the path.
  • Easily available and easy to prepare. Cost effective.
  • These remedies are highly useful in infants, children, during pregnancy, external applications for sprain and injuries and for plants and animals also.

Temple Dharshan

Sumathy went to Tirupati temple. Initially she could get tickets for normal Dharshan only. She chanted the flower remedies “Gorse, Clematis” when she was going up the mountains. She eventually got VIP Darshan.

The combination Gorse and Clematis is an excellent Dharshan Pack.

A friend of Naran S. Balakumar visited Sholingur Temple. One has to take the steps on the mountain, which is very steep and a pretty good distance to cover. By the time they reached the temple, it was 5.30 PM. The temple doors were getting closed. She chanted Gorse and Clematis. The priest volunteered to open the doors for them.

Manimaran went to Sabarimala temple last September. It was raining heavily and therefore he found it difficult to climb the mountains. He chanted Gorse and Clematis as per the SMS message sent by his wife. He got a good Dharshan. On top of it, he got 4 more Dharshans, using the back door entrance. Please note here, that nowadays they don’t allow anybody to do the Dharshan from the back door. It was an unofficial gesture by the Temple authorities on that day.

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