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About Naran

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The Naran Heal AuthorHerbalist Balakumar, (NARAN) a Botany Graduate, started practicing flower therapy 15 years ago, to heal various emotional problems people normally undergo in their day-to-day lives. Balakumar, also known as NARAN is a Reiki Master.

He also uses healing power of mudras to help people achieve Emotional Freedom.

He prepares Alpha, Beta and Delta Brain wave audio-cassettes and CDs for Meditation, Concentration, Relaxation, Sleeplessness, Migraine & Pain Management, Self Confidence, Physical Healing & Chakra Tuning. He is the only person in India preparing Brain Wave audio-cassettes & CDs. Visit his products to know about the content of CDs.


NARAN regularly conducts workshops for general public in

  • Bach Flower Therapy
  • Instant Emotional Intelligence Technique (I.E.I.T.)
  • Living with awareness, Practical Vedanta
  • Animal Spirit Essences Therapy
  • Gem Remedies
  • Mantras and Mudras

He has written the following books:

  • Reiki pearls
  • Reiki color therapy.
  • Forgiveness why and How
  • Mantras part one  and Two.
  • Switch words vol 1 and vol 2      
  • Book of secrets-Naran’s Bach flower  Remedies. 
  • Basics in Bach flower Therapy
  • Gem Therapy.  
  • Multi-dimensional healing.
  • Naran’s Find your life answers through Mantras